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  • Get the job done
    Whether it is a single load of sand for a playground, clearing a 30 acre tract of land, or 6,000 tons of rock for an oilfield location: We get the job done.
  • Commitment
    Our commitment to customer service, reliability, & excellence has allowed us to build a strong & credible relationship with the construction industry for over 20 years
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Superior Oilfield Services - Completed Safely and On Time.

  • Land Clearing

  • Furnish materials for building roads, locations, tank pads, ring levees, etc.

  • Build board or rock roads and locations

  • Build tank pads, ring levees, reserve pits, etc.

  • Maintain roads, locations, pipeline ROW's, etc.

  • Detention of oil spills, haul off and soil replacement

  • Soil stabilization

  • Reserve pit closure, spreading of drilling mud, and general clean up

  • Excavation for pipelines

  • Loading, hauling, and disposal of drilling fluids

  • Drainage, culverts

  • Cattle guard installation